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Ordering Information

If You'd Like To Place An Order...

... just click on the "Add to Cart" button for that product.  You will automatically be re-directed to a PayPal shopping cart,
where you can review your order and change the quantity to whatever you'd like.  Then you can either return to our web page
to select more items to purchase, or you can complete your order by proceeding to the checkout window.  You do not need a
PayPal account to pay for your order.  Of course, you can pay for your order using a PayPal account if you wish, but you can
also pay with a major credit card by entering in your billing info on the appropriate page.  PayPal processes the payment and
us when the payment has been approved.  We never see your financial information during the transaction, and you can
rest assured that
your information is safe with PayPal, one of the largest financial processing companies on the web.  One note: it is
helpful to give us
your phone number when you place an order.  (Click the box that says "Share this phone number with Portland
Fruit and Nut Company"
when reviewing your PayPal payment.)  We will only call you if we have a question about your order.

Important Info About Shipping Chocolate and Yogurt Products

What happens when chocolate meets warm weather?  The chocolate melts.  So does the yogurt coating on our products.
That can be a bummer, especially if you're sending it as a gift.  But we need to make you aware of this potential problem
so that you can make an informed decision when you place an order.  To keep the price you pay for shipping as low as possible,
we do not use cold packs or any special shipping containers to ship out chocolates.
Orders are packed in plain cardboard boxes with biodegradable styrofoam peanuts or newspaper for padding.
This offers some protection from the heat, but it does not guarantee that products will not be subject to melting.
Once the package leaves our warehouse, we cannot control what temperatures it will be exposed to en route to your address.
As a general rule of thumb, temperatures over 70 degrees can cause problems for chocolate and yogurt-covered products.
Even at lower temps, your package may be delievered to your porch and sit in direct sunlight until you get home,
and the product could suffer because of it.  So what we're saying is that shipping 
chocolate and
yogurt-covered products
anywhere in the U.S. in the summer is risky,
and shipping them to any southern state at any time of year can be risky too.

Unfortunately, because of all of these factors that are out of our control, we cannot be responsible for,
nor will we offer any refunds for, any chocolate or yogurt-covered products that suffer any meltage during shipment.

Does this mean you should never order any chocolate or yogurt-covered products?  Of course not.
But think about where you're shipping the order to, and what the weather is like there, and then decide if it makes sense.
If you order one of these products, we'll assume that you do so knowing and accepting the risks involved.
To help us with future orders, we would appreciate a quick email letting us know the condition of your order when it arrived.  Thanks.

Shipping Costs

The base shipping cost is $8.50 for orders of $35 or less.  For orders over $35, add $3 for each additional $30 in product ordered.
Orders will be shipped within three business days once payment is received.

Want to save on shipping?:
If you are in the Portland area, call your order in and arrange to pick it up from our warehouse on Commercial Street.  The shipping fee will then be waived.

Free Local Delivery

We offer free delivery service to anywhere on the Portland Peninsula.  Minimum order of $25.
Order by 3:00pm for next day delivery (Monday - Friday deliveries only).  Add $5 charge for orders under $25.

Please Note:  Place your order over the phone if you'd like to take advantage of the free local delivery;
if you order through our website, you will automatically be charged for shipping.

Maine Residents add 5.5% sales tax to all orders.

Portland Fruit and Nut Co. • (207) 775-4204 • info@portlandfruitandnut.com